Hampton Roads, VA, May 18, 2020 – Let’s not forget about the American Dream.  Our country has been built by hard working entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs have been the engine of this country and will continue to kick-start our economy with innovation and job growth, especially in these challenging COVID-19 times and beyond.  Angel investors play a significant role by financially backing innovative companies in their earliest stages.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, angel investment education has never been more important.  Early research shows that “Some angels will be slightly more hesitant about dumping millions of dollars into companies, …” while other “seasoned investors are actively working with investment groups … are not oblivious to concerns around COVID-19, … and may look for opportunities to enhance their portfolio as more novice investors are sitting on the sidelines.”

Continuing its leadership in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, 757 Angels is offering a “Virtual Valuation Workshop”, designed to help entrepreneurs and investors alike consider how the valuation of a new company influences investment and future growth.  Monique Adams, Executive Director of 757 Angels, states, “757 Angels prioritizes education to assist our members in making more informed investment decisions.”  Adams continues, “Entrepreneurs will also greatly benefit from the same education by learning first-hand what sophisticated investors are seeking.  This knowledge will enable entrepreneurs to more efficiently and effectively prepare for a pitch to an investor.”

The Workshop will be led by nationally recognized angel investor, Bill Payne.  Mr. Payne is a lead educator for the Angel Capital Association, and a successful entrepreneur in his own right.  He has invested in over 100 companies, served on 16 university boards, founded 2 angel groups, and is a member of 4 groups.

Education demystifies angel/venture capital investing, “pulling people off the sidelines” and expanding the innovation community.  According to Nancy Grden, Chair, 757 Angels,  “ During these uncertain times, there is no shortage of companies seeking capital, especially in our 757 Region.  The Valuation Workshop will provide a lens for entrepreneurs and opportunistic investors to evaluate reasonable and realistic pathways for investment.”

757 Angels Virtual Valuations Workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 17th from 5:00-7:00pmEST.  Interested investors or entrepreneurs should contact Ian Frazier via email, ian@757accelerate.org, for more information and to reserve a space.


To receive more information on 757 Angels, please explore the 757 Angels’ website, https://www.757angelsgroup.com, or contact, Monique Adams at moniqueadams@757angelsgroup.com

About 757 Angels

757 Angels was formed in 2015. 757 Angels seeks to catalyze the Hampton Roads economy by supporting investment in the entrepreneurial community.  757 Angels accepts applications from promising Hampton Roads entrepreneurs on its online application site.  Applications are reviewed through a standardized process (see 757angelsgroup.com for more information on our process) and our group of over 120 members/investors meets 3 times a year to listen to pitches by 2-3 of the most compelling companies selected from that cycle’s application pool.