June 9, 2020


TO:                    SBDC HR Staff

FROM:              MD Austin

SUBJECT:           Chesapeake Small Business COVID-19 Grants

The City of Chesapeake Economic Development Authority (EDA) has created a grant program, that will be available until later this month.  The criteria include:

Eligible Businesses:

  • Small, for-profit businesses impacted by COVID-19
  • Preference for:
    • Businesses trying to remain open and retain full employment during crisis
    • Small, women and SWAM certified businesses
    • Veteran-owned businesses
    • Businesses located in low-moderate census tracts
    • Employees from low-moderate census tracts – a minimum of 50% of workforce

The application is online only

Business size (based on employee number) impacts amount of grant:

  • 1-5 employees – $2,500
  • 6-20 employees – $5,000
  • 21-35 employees – $7,500
  • 36-50 employees – $10,000

Based on most recent payroll records

Other criteria:

  • The business stayed open and retained employees
  • Business has been in operation since 3/1/2019
  • Business must be current on Chesapeake taxes and be registered with the Commissioner of Revenue for 2020