Suffolk Executive Offices is based in a refurbished historic office space built in 1929 that was the former home to Godwin Motor Company Parts Department, the Suffolk Executive Offices are conveniently located in Downtown Suffolk, strategic for small business development and substantial to the local economy of the city. Today, they announced their part in providing relief for entrepreneurs and small businesses that need assistance as a result of Covid-19.
Suffolk Executive Offices is offering $300 relief grants. Owner and co-founder, Richard Chaign realizes the grant amount may not “be much” but they want to step up and help as much as they can. Suffolk Executive Offices will analyze each application on a case by case basis and funding will depend on how much funds are available. Applications for the grant are open from August 3, 2020 through August 17, 2020.
Must have a current business license and operate as a for profit business.
Funds are to be used for investment capital for your business. Ex. Marketing, advertising, rent, expenses, etc. Funds dispersed to businesses do not need to be repaid. All we ask, “pay it forward” to those in need.
Suffolk Executive Offices Foundation is a 501(c) community impact foundation. Please email the following information to
Application for Relief Grant
Name of Business:
Date Business Established:
Business Address:
EIN #:
Business Website:
Business Phone Number:
Email Address:
Tell us about your business and tell us how this will help you, your business and your community.