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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Jarod Foreman collected unemployment for about two months, but then he realized he had a thirst for a home-based business.
Foreman had worked for coffee service companies in Hampton Roads for more than a decade, delivering coffee and servicing machines at workplaces. Then COVID-19 pulled the plug.
“I received a phone call from one of our largest customers that generally houses about 3,000 coffee drinkers at one facility,” Foreman recalled. “He was calling to let me know that they were down to 10 people in the building.”
He got furloughed and applied for unemployment. 10 On Your Side referred him to the office of State Senator Bill DeSteph (R-Va. Beach), who’s helped thousands with their claims.
“They immediately reached out to me and made some phone calls and reached out to (Virginia Employment Commission),” Foreman said in a Monday morning interview. He collected unemployment for about two months. Then he had a conversation with a friend who was now working from home.
“Their company was giving them an office allowance, and that included coffee.”
An opportunity was brewing — and he began to see the new normal as a mug half full instead of half empty.
Foreman then asked the person “If I was to offer you coffee directly to your home would you be willing to work with me? And they said absolutely.”
Foreman and his wife began Fresh Cup 2 U. He gets coffees and teas from distributors in Portsmouth, Chicago and California. He poured his savings into the August launch and now customers are getting refills, via subscription programs.
“I’ve got several customers who (have their orders) automatically shipped to them every three weeks,” he said.
In his first month Foreman said he had about $1,000 in sales — and he’s on pace to double that in September. He says he’d much rather work than be on government aid.
“It feels great because certainly I wouldn’t want to take resources from folks that have not found an opportunity.”
Foreman says eventually he wants to open a brick-and-mortar store and have warehouse space.