Need to get out of the house for that big project?  Need a quiet space for the day to focus and get work done? Gather now offers daily and weekly office rentals where you can focus and be productive. As Covid continues to change the landscape of the business community, all types of businesses are forced to evolve, or risk being left behind. The co-working space is no different.

Gather, which has locations in Newport News, Norfolk and Virginia Beach announced they are now offering daily and weekly private office rentals. You can now reserve an office from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday for $40 per day or $160 for a week. In addition to a private office you’ll also have access to the amenities and hospitality that Gather is known for like locally roasted coffee, kombucha and cold brew on tap. There is no commitment required and you can select any of the seven Gather locations.  Printing and conference room time is not included.  For more information click here.



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