Ferguson Ventures, Ferguson Water and Old Dominion University Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship are looking for innovative ideas that could address new ways to solve inflow and infiltration within sanitary water systems. Applicants need not have an actual product or service to be eligible to compete in this open challenge.

Over the years, wastewater treatment plants notice high flows due to constant intense rain events, leaking pipes, and other unknown conditions. Increased water flows create significant issues in terms of operational costs and effectiveness, and permit compliance. The Clearwater Challenge seeks solutions to radically improve the detection of Inflow and Infiltration(I&I) into sanitary sewer systems, with the goal of better identifying opportunities for detection, quantification of flow and intervention to reduce excess water flow. Ideally submissions will address detection, quantification and remediation of Inflow & Infiltration. We will also accept submissions that solely address detection and quantification.

Minimum viable ideas for solutions should include:

•  Detection of Inflow & Infiltration occurrences throughout the entire public side of a sanitary sewer system.

•  Detection of suspect Inflow & Infiltration from individual connections coming from private property

•  Detection of individual Inflow & Infiltration occurrences with flow rates greater than 5 GPM

•  Quantification of flow rate for individual Inflow & Infiltration occurrences

***Assume 5600 miles of piping for this challenge, located in urban, suburban, rural, and national forest areas.

Head to the Clearwater Challenge website for more information.