NORFOLK, VA – December 17, 2020: OpenSeas has been a great forum for collaboration with other maritime tech companies in the mid-Atlantic region. For SailPlan, being located in Northern Virginia, away from the maritime hub of Norfolk and Hampton Roads, they are so close, yet so far away. OpenSeas has helped them bridge that gap through its virtual format.
Founded in 2020 and based in Reston, Virginia, SailPlan is a maritime technology company committed to improving maritime navigational safety by developing an intelligent vessel navigation platform and a network of connected maritime infrastructure. SailPlan is actively collaborating with several members of OpenSeas in commercial, marketing, product integration, and government pursuits. The combination of their technologies, skillsets, backgrounds, and networks has opened doors for them. The Dojo has also brought together some important players in the Virginia maritime tech community.
SailPlan is building an intelligent navigation platform for ships that will make navigation dramatically safer and more efficient in a world with an ever-growing demand for cargo.
Drawing on data from vessel traffic, weather, geographic awareness, and more, SailPlan offers ship operators unparalleled situational awareness that improves safety and efficiency. Their advanced routing engine alerts navigators to potential collision risks hours, or even days, in advance. Their navigation engine proactively optimizes voyage plans to avoid congested waters, separate from potential collision scenarios, and reduce operating expenses to a far greater degree than possible with current market solutions. For more information please visit SailPlan’s website.
“We are glad to have SailPlan on board as part of the OpenSeas’ program. They are working on solutions for significant safety-at-sea issues. It has been great to see how involved they are with other Dojo members and I look forward to seeing the collaboration grow.” – Jerry Cronin, OpeanSeas Executive Director
The Dojo is designed to build skills and competencies around taking ideas, creating solutions with market value, and developing high-growth scalable businesses and organizations that provide value to the world. It is based upon the principles of lean start-up and the successful TempO program of ODU’s Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. It provides participants with access to regular weekly sessions covering topics such as developing value propositions, customer discovery, and developing business models. Additional sessions cover operational and financial planning, along with funding and pitching. There are also open sessions for the Dojo community to network, share their experiences, and identify challenges and successes. Members work at their own pace, with the support of OpenSeas staff and the Dojo community.
Membership in the Dojo is based on application and acceptance into the program. To be considered, participants must have a concept or opportunity to work on. Since the sessions will be conducted virtually, membership will be open to opportunities from around the world. But preference will be given to individuals and companies based, or looking to operate, in Hampton Roads.
For more information or to apply, contact Jerry Cronin at, or see the Business Opportunity Dojo website.
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