Is securing funding for your business or taking your business to the next level on your Christmas list or a goal for 2021? Here are 5 opportunities to take advantage of over the holidays.

  •  RISE Coastal Community Resilience Challenge has $1.5M in available funding. More info here
  • Lighthouse Labs Spring Accelerator Application Deadline is January 8th. If selected you will receive $20,000. More info here
  • Applications for Startup Virginia’s Idea Factory are open. More info here
  • 757 Angels Funding Application Deadline is January 13th. More info here
  • Center for Innovative Technology previewed the Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) FY21 solicitation, which will provide grants up to $100,000. More info here
  • Center Street Pitch Competition Application Deadline is January 15th.  More info here

We wish you the best of luck if you’re applying to any of these opportunities and we wish you a prosperous 2021!

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