Company Strategically Transforms Innovation Center to Locally Manufacture Affordable Particulate Filtration Face Masks and Surgical N95 Respirators

First-of-its-Kind vQuality System Puts Power in Consumer’s Hands with Simplified Product Quality Assurance Data


NEWPORT NEWS, Va., March 24, 2021 — ivWatch, LLC revealed blox, a new high-fidelity line of face masks and N95 respirators with a revolutionary product verification system, powered by vQuality. Both are designed to improve access and visibility to in-line quality assurance test data. Leveraging ivWatch’s expertise in scientific research, engineering, design, and manufacturing of medical devices, blox and vQuality were developed out of a need to fight back against poor quality, counterfeit masks to properly protect people in the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. With the introduction of the blox mask collection, ivWatch underscores its mission to provide communities with high performing, made-in-the-USA products.

ivWatch’s blox face mask collection launches with blox98, a high-filtration mask that blocks out ≥98% of 0.1 micron aerosolized saline particles.

By using blox protective masks and the vQuality system, consumers now have the transparency they deserve and a deeper understanding of how their mask performs in one simplified online tool. The vQuality system showcases that blox masks not only meet, but exceed, filtration test grades used to certify N95 respirators. A quick scan of a QR code on the blox packaging puts the data from in-line testing performance results, such as filtration efficiency, in the palm of your hand. This information can also be accessed using an on-demand database. The vQuality seal represents products that have been analytically tested to comply with industry standards, quality inspected and deemed as authentic high-performing products that consumers can trust.

The first product available in the collection is blox98 and you can learn more about the product now at Purchases can be made through Other products in the pipeline include surgical respirators that are submitted to the CDC and approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Once approved, ivWatch will release bloxN95 respirators with the N95 designation. The collection will also include future products that are properly designed, face-fitting masks for active users for activities like sports and outdoor usage. These products will be lighter, for easier breathing while maintaining protection.

“At ivWatch our goal is to constantly innovate and uncover new solutions that take safety, quality and performance to the next level,” said Gary Warren, President and CEO, ivWatch. “With the introduction of vQuality, we are empowering consumers with a simplified, transparent tool to discover untapped product performance insights and guidance into the importance of a quality product. We are putting the power of trust into the consumer’s hands.”

“We saw a need in the market to develop an affordable, authentic, locally made mask collection, so we leveraged our talent, our material sourcing and manufacturing expertise and our innovation hub to bring quality high filtration masks to market in record time,” said Jaclyn Lautz, Chief Operating Officer at ivWatch. “We are proud to support our community and deliver a coveted, high performance mask product line designed and produced in our hometown in Virginia.”

ivWatch, a trusted biosensor medical device manufacturer, expanded its innovation center footprint to manufacture blox products. With design, research and development, manufacturing and quality in one central location, product can be made better, faster and with more proficiency from beginning to end. The 35,000-square-foot facility in Hampton Roads houses all the manufacturing, quality inspection and distribution of high-fidelity masks, with plans to continue rapid production expansion.

With many brands and individuals creating a variety of masks, from fabric to KN95 to N95 respirators, it is difficult for the consumer to fully understand what each mask does to help protect the user and others. Counterfeits and doubling up on masks are no comparison to a high-fidelity grade face mask like blox, specifically designed to create a secure seal and block out ≥98% of 0.1 micron aerosolized saline particles. In comparison, surgical masks offer low filtration efficiency of 37% to 69% and KN95 mask filtration efficiency ranges from 53% to 85%; both do not provide a proper seal.1 The ability for consumers to wear a proper protective mask in risky settings will now be accessible at an affordable price point.

blox98 was designed and manufactured at ivWatch’s FDA registered facility certified to ISO 13485. blox98 particulate filtration masks are now available in bulk quantities for essential workers and for individual purchase in the US for under $2 per mask. Product features include:

  • Snug, yet extremely comfortable fitted design creates a proper seal around the nose and mouth for maximum protection against harmful airborne particles.
  • Multi-layer protection provides full coverage with an electrostatic ‘charged’ meltblown layer; ≥98% filtration efficiency of 0.1 micron aerosolized saline particles.
  • Flexible, contourable nosepiece and double strap headbands provide a proper seal and fit for all-day comfortable wear; prevents glasses and goggles from fogging.
  • Disposable, designed to be worn once and thrown away.
  • Locally sourced and manufactured to provide masks at an affordable price point.

ivWatch is building a brand and product with the education needed to address infectious diseases for everyone. The launch of the product will be supported by a consumer facing campaign, “The UnFake Mask: Real Masks. For Real People.” The campaign will focus on unmasking the ugly truth and the importance of when and how to wear a proper high filtration mask. To follow the “The UnFake Mask” campaign story and to learn more about blox, visit:, and on social join the conversation by using #UnFakeMask.

ivWatch is committed to producing quality products that perform and keep us all safe. Consumers can upgrade their masks directly by visiting; if interested in purchasing a product from the blox collection in bulk orders, please contact

1Dugdale, C. (2020) Filtration Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Availability of N95 Face Masks for COVID-19 Prevention. JAMA Intern Med. 2020; 180 (12): 1612-1613. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2020.4218.

About blox & vQuality  
blox is a product line of high-fidelity particulate filtration face masks backed by ivWatch, LLC that designs, manufactures and supplies biosensor medical devices to hospitals and facilities worldwide. Seeking to fill a need swarmed by counterfeit and below average face masks, ivWatch leveraged its research and development expertise in the healthcare industry and its manufacturing prowess to create superior high quality particulate face masks verified by the vQuality seal and system. vQuality is the company’s authentication platform that provides transparency about product performance data to consumers in an easily accessible, simplified report, which underscores blox’s superior mask performance. To learn more, head on over to

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