Courtesy of: Marla Schuchman

What if there was an official holiday just for Hampton Roads? To recognize and celebrate the immense historical and cultural contributions made by people, businesses, and institutions in The 757 to the region, the country, and to the world?

Let’s make it happen. You are invited to proclaim and commemorate July 1st as 757 Day (aka Hampton Roads Day). The ask is simple: on July 1st, do something to celebrate what you love about Hampton Roads. Some ways to participate:
  • Take a #757day selfie in your favorite spot and share it online.
  • Order a meal from your favorite local restaurant.
  • Donate $7.57 or $107.57 or $757 to a local cause.
  • Consider sponsoring the official Virtual 757 Day Celebration.
  • If you are involved with local government, help champion the proclamation as an agenda item on your next board of supervisors or city council session.
To learn more about 757 Day, why July 1st, and how you and your organization(s) can participate, please visit If you have any questions about this initiative, don’t hesitate to ask.

757 Day Details: