Retail Executives Select Winner in Startup Innovation Awards

From Retail Innovation Center By NICHOLAS AHRENS

Today the Retail Industry Leaders Association’s Retail Innovation Center announced the winner of the 2021 Startup Innovation Awards for Supply Chain. Following a showcase of three finalists during the Retail Innovation Center Stage, retail executives voted and selected SVT Robotics as the winner. SVT Robotics is an agnostic integration software technology that enables companies to rapidly integrate and deploy industrial robotics to their warehouse or manufacturing facility.

RILA’s Startup Innovation Awards for Supply Chain recognize agile startups using technology to advance today’s supply chain practices. The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges, accelerating the need for improved global supply chain flexibility. As consumer demands shift, the desire to purchase goods and services anytime, anywhere is driving today’s dynamic retail environment.

“Startups are key partners for retailers within the innovation ecosystem that help drive advancements in everything from in-store experiences to supply chain optimization. We designed our awards program with the dual intention of celebrating industry innovation and making real-world connections between the disruptors and leading brands,” said Nicholas Ahrens, RILA vice president of innovation. “We’re excited to be able to shine a light on all of our finalists and our winner SVT Robotics, whose solution retailers recognized as particularly impressive in helping them solve for today’s most pressing supply chain challenges.”


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