KleerCard Inc, a Hampton Roads-based corporate credit card and expense management app, has partnered with Thiele Capital Management to establish a $50M line of credit to continue expanding service for business clients across the United States.

KleerCard Co-founder and CEO, Adam Alphin said that business has grown much faster than he anticipated. He added: “Businesses have transformed their operations as a result of COVID, the supply chain challenges, and the great resignation. KleerCard is so ridiculously easy to sign up for and use to eliminate expense reports, automate accounting, and control all company cards from one easy app.”

TCM CIO Alex Thiele commented on the partnership: “The team at KleerCard has accomplished so much in such a short period. They have the perfect combination of talent on their team, product-market fit, and a focus on customer success that will continue to transform how businesses manage their spending. TCM is excited to help power KleerCard’s continued growth.”

KleerCard’s technology makes it easy for businesses and LLCs to manage all their expenses and automate the accounting with one easy-to-use app. Customers can order physical cards, create unlimited virtual cards, set controls on those cards, pay bills, and see all charges in real time. KleerCard has over 500 customers, including professional sports teams, lawn care companies, schools, trucking and logistics, and startups.

For more information on KleerCard, visit www.GetKleerCard.com