Batch 12 of Lighthouse Labs

This spring Lighthouse Labs will be welcoming 16 founders and 9 TEAMS to their family. They’ll join the 80 teams who have already accelerated with us over the last 9 years when the Spring 2022 cohort begins on March 7th. The 3-month program runs through May 27th so stay tuned for all the progress these fantastic founders will be making on their game-changing businesses.

Here’s the quick rundown about the teams – PLUS, if you want to get involved with these innovators – you can sign up to be a mentor!

  • On Time Trials is a groundbreaking SaaS company leveraging Machine Learning to streamline the clinical trial monitoring process by optimizing your resources in both time and money. On Time Trials is founded by Trevor Coughlan and Eric Hamborg and is based in Round Rock, TX.

  • Viora Health reduces health risks due to social and behavioral determinants. Viora Health is led by founder Deboleena Dutta and is based in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Hoth Intelligence provides augmented reality solutions for medical problems. For many procedures, image-based navigation is unavailable, which is dangerous and costly. Our technology provides caregivers with procedural navigation that can be used seamlessly in any clinical setting. Hoth Intelligence is led by cofounders Jonathan Cohen and Tyler Alexander and is based in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Nessle is an online platform that connects new and expectant parents with perinatal experts for on-demand virtual care. Nessle is led by founders Carly Buxton and is based in Richmond, VA.

  • caseCTRL is built by surgeons and is a streamlined Ai surgical management workflow for more surgeries, greater revenue, & happier patients. caseCTRL is led by cofounders Ashvin Dewan, Pamela Singh, and Saachi Roye, and is based in Houston, TX

  • Kinometrix is an artificial intelligence platform to enhance patient safety in hospitals. Kinometrix is led by cofounders Devina Desai and Alex Trombetta and is based in Fort Belvoir, VA.

  • Llamawood is an on-demand firewood delivery platform. Llamawood is led by founder Hunter Guerin and is based in Richmond, VA.

  • LipLoveLine is an ingredient-conscious lip care brand born to enhance natural beauty, simplify beauty routines and inspire self-acceptance through the power of good-for-you lip products. LipLoveLine is led by founder Briana Williams and is based in Richmond, VA.

  • Transfoam is tackling plastic pollution by using engineered microorganisms to turn waste into a fully bio-based and biodegradable plastic alternative. Transfoam is led by cofounders Kobe Rogers, Alec Brewer, and Ethan Purnell and is based in Charlottesville, VA.