Ceremony is a curation of non-alcoholic alternatives to beer, wine, and spirits, mixers and bitters. Combine that with sustainable bar accessories and Ceremony is Hampton Road’s and Richmond’s first dry bottle shop with zero waste.

Ceremony’s offerings range from ready to drink (just add ice) to spiritless substitutes for building craft drinks. From denatured Sours to IPA’s, Pinot Noir to Sparkling Rosé, Gin’s to Bourbon’s, Ceremony was created to provide an outlet for mindful drinking for those who do not drink alcohol, but still enjoy being social, for those who drinks occasionally or prefer low ABV options, and for those just simply taking a break from alcohol.

Ceremony’s first location launches Saturday May 28th at 1624 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, Unit 748, Space F22. These bottles shops will also be located inside Less Than’s Norfolk, Hampton, and Richmond location. Ceremony will also be online soon at EnjoyCeremony.com and @EnjoyCeremony on Facebook and Instagram.