By Tim Ryan

DroneUp continued flying high with more great news, and an appearance on This Week in Startups (TWIST). TWIST is a globally recognized, top ten podcast hosted by Jason Calacanis and Molly Wood that features the best and brightest startups across the nation. DroneUp first appeared on TWIST the week prior when they were featured on a “We Live In the Future” segment of TWIST. Jason requested an interview with CEO Tom Walker, and StartWheel sprang into action providing the introduction to put everything into motion.

Jason and Molly were both awestruck with how well thought out DroneUp was with their business processes and ended the segment by saying Tom is the perfect person to run a business like DroneUp. They covered many topics in the 40-minute interview, such as safety, privacy, current capabilities, and future capabilities.

StartWheel has covered DroneUp’s steady progression in disrupting the last-mile delivery services and their involvement in the drone industry as a whole. DroneUp will be one of the next businesses that will place Hampton Roads on the startup/innovation map.

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