From American Journal of Transportation (AJOT) By AJOT

FlightOps Ltd., a leading multi-drone operating system (OS) provider, announced a significant commercial agreement with DroneUp, a major drone flight services provider.

“Using the FlightOps OS, our customers can fly more missions over longer distances with increased safety and reduced costs,” said FlightOps CEO Shay Levy. “Our technology will enable the vision of drone deliveries as a last-mile solution, with great scale and reduced cost of operation. We anticipate that our software license fees from the delivery segment to exceed $2 million in 2022 and $10 million in 2023.”

DroneUp is recognized as a global leader in drone flight services, transforming organizations with drone technology solutions ranging from deliveries and inspections to safety and security. Following successful trials of home deliveries, Walmart made an investment in DroneUp to continue scaling its last-mile delivery solution. Walmart recently announced plans to expand its DroneUp delivery network to 34 sites by the end of the year, with the potential to reach four million American households across six states.

The FlightOps solution works by installing robotic software onboard any type of drone, which converts them into an autonomous “robot-pilot” that communicates to the cloud-based operation center through 5G networks allowing automated fleet operation in shared airspace.

FlightOps allows massive scalability for any drone operation by using high levels of autonomy, coupled with the power of cloud connectivity. The software uses powerful and automated mission planning to create dynamic flight paths for deliveries to business or residential addresses without the need of manual planning.