Tiffany Richardson of Artisan-Preneur, and a local artist by the name of Corissa Coleman of Arteest Auras have partnered with Selden Market and the Norfolk Council to host a Young Entrepreneur Program for Creatives from July 18 to July 22. The program is for kids aged 11 – 16 and will teach them about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. On August 27, they’ll have the chance to market and sell their business idea to the patrons at Selden Market.

In the program, participants will learn how to:

-Visualize their goal
-Develop their product/service based on market research
-Identify and target their audience/customer
-Distribute and promote their product/service
-Market and brand their product/service
-Create a business model
-What pitching a business is and how it works
-Set up and sell their product/service at a local event (market, tradeshow, etc.)

For more information on the program, please visit the following link: