Six teams will join Lighthouse Labs for their Fall 2022 program beginning on August 22. Batch 13 founders hail from 4 different states and are innovating in the fields of Healthcare, Information Services, Computer Networking, and beyond.

Lighthouse will welcome all of the teams to Richmond for 2 weeks to meet members of the community and get a taste of the Richmond startup scene! Be on the lookout for in-person events and opportunities for engagement with this group beginning the week of October 31, 2022

CRCL Solutions predicts how much wind and solar energy will be produced at an hourly time scale for the next 48 hours. We do so for nearly every farm/plant in the United States. The forecast data is uploaded to a cloud environment. Customers, mostly energy traders (and soon to be utilities) access CRCL forecast data and use it to determine their buy/selling of energy strategy.

CRCL Solutions is founded by Thomas Sherman and Daniel Vassallo and is based in Fairfax Station, VA.

Mobius Materials is a B2B marketplace for electronic manufacturers to buy and sell excess semiconductors.

Mobius Materials is led by founder Margaret Upshur and is based in Richmond, VA.

DiaM is a fully unified Diabetes care platform that empowers, supports and connects the Diabetes community.  We offer a connected approach to care that connects people with diabetes, parents, caregivers, and other stakeholders within a single ecosystem that provides a safe clinically-moderated community space, specialized marketplace, behavior-AI personalized journey, and real-time connection to medical providers.

DiaM is led by cofounders Emily Eyth and Lorenna Feliz Santos and is based in Plantation, FL.

Gigzilla is a LinkedIn for workers and employers in essential industries.

Gigzilla is led by cofounders Gabrielle Taylor and Benjamin Speaks and is based in Harrisonburg, VA.

Fourplay Social is a social network for single friends. Users team up, create a shared profile, and match with other pairs of friends, because double dates are the more fun, lower pressure, and safer way for singles to meet.

Fourplay Social is led by cofounders Julie Griggs and Danielle Dietzek and is based in New York, NY.

TMA Precision Health is on a mission to provide personalized care and health equity for rare disease patients around the world. Patients and providers get free access to our research platform and whole genome sequencing services to help them better understand their unique condition and identify treatment options. Our rare disease database pairs unidentified medical records and genomic sequencing from diverse geographies, giving our pharma partners a competitive edge identifying patients for clinical trials and powering our research partners’ efforts to advance new cures.

TMA Precision Health is led by cofounders Joshua Resnikoff and Martin Grasso and is based in Boston, MA.

You can learn more on Lighthouse Lab’s website.