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Today’s commercial drone industry is the fruition of hardworking pioneers who have always been eager to see and reach over the next horizon. It is a world where the future is now, and the outcomes are unprecedented. We’ve put people at the center of technology, where they can use our tools to make their business operations faster, easier, and safer.

DroneUp’s mission is to inspire, innovate, and deliver with the power of drone technology. That’s why our team—which started with CEO Tom Walker and a dream—has grown exponentially into a nationwide network of over 20,000 pilots, a partner that is the #1 retailer in the world, and experts who are a trusted resource for the FAA.

One of the ways we fulfill our mission is by sharing information and innovation at events like Commercial UAV Expo 2022. In eager anticipation of this year’s event, Logan Smith, DroneUp’s Director of Enterprise Services, spoke with Commercial UAV News about the path forward for UAS technology, how it’s transforming how people work, and DroneUp’s passion for leading the industry into an even brighter future.

Logan Smith

Commercial UAV News: Why is it so important to bring the industry together at an event like Commercial UAV Expo 2022?

Logan Smith: The drone Industry is broad and diverse; however, we all share the same desire to improve and build each other up. At Commercial UAV Expo, we have the opportunity to meet with our peers, collaborate, and continue to drive the industry forward as a collective.

Commercial UAV News: Why is DroneUp so passionate about driving the entire industry forward?

Logan Smith: DroneUp is in a position that allows us to reach the broader regulatory landscape and continue to propel the drone industry forward. Our passion is to continue working together with government and private sector partners to develop new technologies, digital platforms, and hardware that allow for regulatory improvement—which will benefit all UAV pilots and the overarching industry.

Commercial UAV News: How have you seen UAS technology evolve over the past year?

Logan Smith: We are in a phase of refinement as an industry, yet we are still experiencing its infancy. As we emerge from the pandemic, I believe we have all proved that drones can get the job done better, faster, and safer than ever before. This was achieved through industry partnerships, advances in AI and analytics software, improvements in sensors and hardware, and so on. It’s exciting to see the industry evolve each year and emerge from trying times to offer improved solutions over traditional methods.

Commercial UAV News: How are the business use cases growing for drone technology? Are more professionals starting to understand the business impact drones can make?

Logan Smith: Yes, professionals are starting to understand how drones can positively impact their business. Increasingly, we are seeing the adoption of UAS technology where traditional methods were once ingrained. Our clients appreciate that they can focus more on what they specialize in, especially when they allow technology to work in their favor.

Clients are experiencing how UAVs can offset labor cost, return better and more actionable data, and reduce turnaround time. Now they are actively looking for more ways to use them in their business.

Commercial UAV News: What do you think is next for UAS technology? What advances do you want to see?

Logan Smith: I think that the next leap will allow for impactful regulatory change around BVLOS operations. The driving factors will be improvements in detecting and avoiding hardware and software, as well as transponder/remote ID technologies paired with UTM platforms. When those are implemented at scale, they can prove to legislators that UAS can operate in the same airspace as manned traffic safely and effectively.