Funding will enable EWedded to accelerate market penetration and scale up it’s marketing initiative and product development to drive customer growth.

Chesapeake, VA September 7, 2022 – EWedded, an online marketplace for independent bridal retailers and brands to responsibly and sustainably liquidate excess and stagnant inventory, today announced the close of a $125 thousand investment from Conscious Venture Partners.

Earlier in the year, EWedded took part in the Conscious Venture Lab cohort 8 accelerator program to accelerate conscious entrepreneurs to traction and revenue. Upon completion, EWedded was selected for investment from the venture group affiliated with the accelerator.

The financing will allow EWedded to advance conversion-centric technologies that deliver a more personalized and friendly user experience and expand its marketing channels and reach to build customer demand and revenues.

“As an early stage startup driven by a purpose to make a positive impact in the world, it’s validating to have been recognized and selected for participation in the Conscious Venture Lab accelerator, which is steeped in practicing capitalism and building companies with a greater societal purpose to drive profits,” said Maya Holihan, co-founder, and CEO of EWedded. She adds, “We’re thrilled to be chosen for investment from partners with a shared value system, and who believe in the company we’re building.”

At EWedded, we believe that creating a more conscious and sustainable supply chain will improve the operational efficiencies and staying power of independent retailers and brands, create accessibility to previously unattainable goods for marrying couples and impart environmental harmony. We exist to harness, transform and upcycle textile waste so that our main street businesses continue to thrive and enhance the health, equitability, and prosperity of our world and its people.

“We believe EWedded has a unique and scalable approach to addressing waste and inefficiencies in the retail wedding industry, and the acumen and leadership they possess to bring positive environmental and social change to the market is what makes them an ideal portfolio company for us,” said Jeff Cherry, Managing Partner, Conscious Venture Partners. “Additionally, backing EWedded fulfills our commitment to support minority and female-founded companies.”

About EWedded

EWedded is an e-commerce marketplace with distribution and circular economy functions designed for retailers and brands in the wedding and social occasion industry to responsibly and sustainably liquidate their discontinued and excess inventory on a global scale, and by doing so, EWedded makes luxury goods accessible and affordable for today’s marrying couples.

About Conscious Venture Partners

Conscious Venture Partners seeks out minority and women founders to invest in entrepreneurs that others are ignoring for all the wrong reasons. They support companies that are using technology to break down barriers to access and create a more equitable society, including in the healthcare, food, technology, media, mobility, and education industries.