Supply chain software firm’s Elite warehouse management system (WMS) platform adds enhanced automation integration capability by tapping SVT’s SOFTBOT platform.

From Modern Materials Handling By MMH Staff · December 6, 2022

Tecsys Inc., a leading supply chain management software company, and SVT Robotics Inc., a leader in enterprise software for the rapid deployment of industrial robotics, have partnered to develop and launch an integrated connection between the Tecsys’ Elite supply chain platform and SVT’s SOFTBOT Platform, Tecsys announced today. The integration will provide Tecsys Elite customers faster deployment and lower complexity without the need for lengthy custom code development often involved in multi-system automation and robotics deployments, the company added.

SVT Robotics is an enterprise software company which offers certified integration connectors to many of the industry’s foremost automation providers, and partnerships with companies such as 6 River Systems, Fetch Robotics (Zebra Technologies), Locus Robotics, MiR, OMRON, OTTO Motors and others. SVT’s SOFTBOT Platform is said to enable companies to deploy the robots, automation, and IoT devices they need in just days or weeks.

“Automation is becoming more important to power supply chains of the future, so it’s critical those technologies are connected to a solid WMS with core warehouse management functionality,” said A.K. Schultz, founder and CEO of SVT Robotics. “The pre-built integration that Tecsys and SVT are developing connects to top-tier automation from leading providers, enabling Tecsys customers to customize and then rapidly deploy the specific automation they need today.”

Tecsys contends that bringing automation into a warehouse should begin with a needs assessment and design plan, which then informs hardware selection that will meet those needs. Whereas some software vendors operate as automation resellers for a limited set of systems, Tecsys’ partnership with SVT empowers supply chain organizations to assess, design and integrate across a wide spectrum of automation choices. The result is a warehouse operation powered by end-to-end WMS functionality and easily automated workflows using today’s most innovative technologies.

Peter Brereton, president and CEO of Tecsys, comments: “A company’s automation strategy and equipment should be tailored to their specific use case, never throttled by the software, and that is exactly what this SVT partnership makes possible through rapid integration. We want to give Tecsys customers native plug-and-play robotics integration capabilities today and into the future as this warehouse automation market evolves so that they will be ready to deploy the technologies they need to remain competitive. SVT’s SOFTBOT Platform will enable flexibility and freedom in a quickly developing industry.”