The Hive Business Resource Center in Virginia Beach has partnered with ScaleUP USA to launch a local chapter of the Federal Business Accelerator. The partnership is designed to help win and execute federal contracting opportunities in Virginia Beach and to help create local companies, jobs, and competitiveness in Hampton Roads.

The transformative Federal Business Acceleration program is launching in partnership with ScaleUP USA and inviting you to join it now. You will learn to build, grow, administer, and execute your very own government business practice to participate in the $10T US federal government marketplace.

ScaleUP USA was founded by Nitin Pradhan, a former Obama-Biden appointee and US federal government CIO. ScaleUP USA designed the foundational-level Federal Business Accelerator Bundled Program after significant research, brainstorming, pilots, and interviews with government and industry professionals. The program consists of 10+ video-based courses plus practicums and is delivered digitally, and is self-paced. The program is highly scalable and does not require a large investment, nor does the program take equity or dilution. ScaleUP USA operates across America and has consultative programs like the intermediate-level Federal Partnership Marketplace, and the advanced-level Industry Powered Learning for increased growth.

The HIVE is a business resource center that supports an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Virginia Beach. The HIVE offers mentorship, networking, and a variety of fundamental business resources to those who need them. With the partnership with ScaleUP USA, the HIVE intends to launch a local chapter of the Federal Business Accelerator. We are therefore encouraging startups, businesses, service providers, contractors, and suppliers, who are working with the government or plan to do so to join this program. If you are unsure if working with the government is right for you, check out this introductory workshop.

You can use code [vip-virginia-beach] to get special pricing on the one-year program per seat.