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Norfolk, Va.  — Digital entertainment company Magazine Jukebox Inc. has added First Team Automotive as a new partner, adding to its list of business partners in the Hampton Roads area. The First Team Automotive Group has been serving the citizens of Hampton Roads for more than 70 years. It has been dedicated to providing customers with additional free services to customers seeking its automotive services.

Magazine Jukebox Inc. is a company that is committed to changing the way written media is enjoyed, one waiting room at a time. Through QR codes and geofencing, the company is capable of giving businesses the ability to make their waiting rooms clean, green, and sustainable. Magazine Jukebox is steadily gaining traction in the United States, and it has contracts with large networks such as Baptist Health of South Florida and businesses like First Team Automotive. Magazine Jukebox’s services will be fully available in First Team facilities before the end of the year.

Since 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a worldwide shift from print to mobile apps and QR codes to replace commonly used items like menus, newspapers, and, now, magazines. Magazine Jukebox’s platform can be accessed by any smart device and delivers a sustainable, ecological alternative to the physical print magazines of the past. Through their QR codes, Magazine Jukebox Inc. will provide the customers and employees of First Team with a way to access publications like People magazine, Car and Driver, and Woman’s Day. The Magazine Jukebox experience is easy because there are no downloads, apps, or information forms required for users to gain access.

“I’m so excited to continue our growth into the auto industry,” says Scott Janney, CEO. “Magazine Jukebox Inc. is perfect for guests as they wait for servicing or go through the purchasing process. I have toured the First Team Chevy dealership in Hampton, which was quite impressive. It’s an honor to have them on board.”

“Every business decision we make has overall guest experience at the forefront. When evaluating Magazine Jukebox and how it fits into that, it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made for our dealership,” says Dustin Edmonds, General Manager of First Team Automotive. “The ability to provide our sales and service guests so many entertainment options to enjoy through the comfort of their own personal device was a no-brainer.”

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. combines an innovative blend of technologies that allows guests to access digital magazines during their visit and up to 36 hours after. This provides guests an opportunity to finish their magazine at home. Once a session with the platform is over, Magazine Jukebox, Inc. offers readers the option of subscribing to the magazine if they choose. Magazine Jukebox is currently located in more than 400 locations around the United States.

About Magazine Jukebox

Magazine Jukebox, Inc. is a low-cost, popular, customer-focused amenity for business owners. The Magazine Jukebox, Inc. team provides a simple, customized QR code to a business, giving digital magazine access to an unlimited number of customers using their own devices. This innovation of existing technology is the future of magazines in public spaces; gone are yesterday’s outmoded, wasteful, and unhygienic magazine racks. For more information, visit

About First Team Automotive

First Team Automotive has been in operation for more than 70 years, serving the residents of Hampton Roads diligently. The company made a commitment to be a “different kind of dealership,” a promise that it has upheld for several decades. First Team is proud to offer its customers the ability to participate in the First Team Forever program, which guarantees excellent and comprehensive customer service.


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