VERSES and SVT Robotics join forces to optimize operations in warehouses and distribution centers


Vancouver, BC, – 15th February 2023 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VERSES Technologies Inc. (NEO:VERS) (OTCQX:VRSSF) (“VERSES” or the “Company”), a cognitive computing company specializing in the next generation of artificial intelligence solutions, today announced a partnership with SVT Robotics™, whose SOFTBOT® Platform and partner ecosystem streamline the integration and deployment of robotics, IoT, and other industrial applications. SVT’s integration with VERSES’ network operating system, KOSM™, is expected to accelerate deployments of AI powered robots into warehouses and distribution centers.

By modeling enterprise data and processes as a multi-dimensional digital twin of each location, KOSM generates real-time intelligence, boosts worker productivity, and improves overall operational performance. A SOFTBOT connector for KOSM services will be available in SVT Robotics’ AppDirectory for quick and reliable integration with any of the other automation and robotics technology connectors in the SVT ecosystem. This streamlines the integration and adoption of VERSES AI for use by supply chain companies using the latest logistics robots.

“We are thrilled to be a certified partner on the SVT Robotics SOFTBOT Platform,” said Gabriel René, Co-Founder and CEO of VERSES. “Companies within the supply chain tend to work in technologically complex environments and keeping up with the latest advancements can be challenging. The ability for SVT’s SOFTBOT Platform to integrate multiple systems, such as WMS, ERP, robotics, and IoT, enhanced with KOSM’s ability to generate a coherent model of the movement and flow of an operation in order to better understand and optimize them will be a powerful combination.”

Customers deploying VERSES technology through SVT Robotics’ agile, tech-agnostic SOFTBOT Platform also gain access to SVT’s’ AppLab and AppMonitor capabilities to build additional customer operational workflows, and monitor the activity and health of each deployment, process automation, and performance.

“SVT Robotics is focused on empowering companies to deploy automation technologies rapidly and seamlessly,” said A.K. Schultz, CEO of SVT Robotics. “Partnering with VERSES and its artificial intelligence technology not only enriches our SOFTBOT Platform ecosystem, but also introduces our customers throughout the supply chain to emerging AI technology that can dramatically change the operational performance within the distribution center, warehouse, and beyond.“

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VERSES is a cognitive computing company specializing in next-generation Artificial Intelligence. Modeled after natural systems and the design principles of the human brain and the human experience, VERSES’ flagship offering, KOSM™, is a network operating system enabling distributed intelligence. Built on open standards, KOSM transforms disparate data into a universal context that fosters trustworthy collaboration between humans, machines, and AI, across digital and physical domains. Imagine a smarter world that elevates human potential through innovations inspired by nature. Learn more at VERSES, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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SVT Robotics is an enterprise software company that’s revolutionizing automation deployments in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. SVT’s SOFTBOT Platform enables companies to integrate the robots, automation, or IoT devices they need in just days or weeks. Learn more and join the revolution at

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