The state of Virginia operates which is an online portal for procurement opportunities being sought throughout the state.  eVA is used by more than 245 state agencies and institutes of higher education, and 900+ local governments and public bodies, to announce bidding opportunities, receive quotes, order placement & approvals, contract management and more.  Read their overview handout here.

Do you want to sell to the state of  Virginia?  Read up on what it takes.

To get started reviewing opportunities,  go to https://eva.virginia.go

Here are some common questions and answers:

Q: Do I need a login to access
A: No.  However you can register as a supplier.  See the “Register Now” button to get started!

Q: Is there training available?
A: Yes! Online training is available for suppliers

Q: What help is available?
A: You can call eVA Customer Care toll free at 866-289-7367 or via email