Hampton Roads, Virginia, April 3, 2023 – StartWheel and the Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative (HRIC) are proud to announce the expansion of a groundbreaking regional business directory designed to connect and support the thriving Hampton Roads business community. With over 8,400 businesses listed and categorized, this comprehensive resource aims to foster economic growth and collaboration throughout the region.

The directory, which can be found at www.innovate757.org/resources, offers businesses the opportunity to verify their existing listings or add new ones. This initiative encourages all Hampton Roads businesses, regardless of size or industry, to participate in creating a unified and accessible resource for the entire community.

The partnership between StartWheel and HRIC represents a shared commitment to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development in Hampton Roads. By establishing a comprehensive directory, the organizations hope to facilitate networking, partnerships, and the exchange of ideas among businesses in the region.

“We believe that this directory will serve as a cornerstone for the Hampton Roads business community,” said Dan Bell, Chairman at HRIC. “Our goal is to create a platform where businesses can connect, collaborate, and contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of the region.”

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the directory, StartWheel and HRIC urge all Hampton Roads businesses to visit www.innovate757.org/resources to verify their listings or add new ones. By doing so, businesses can increase their visibility, access valuable resources, and play an active role in shaping the future of the Hampton Roads economy.

About StartWheel:

StartWheel is a Hampton Roads-based organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and supporting local businesses. Through a variety of programs, events, and resources, StartWheel aims to foster a thriving and innovative business ecosystem in the Hampton Roads region.

About Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative (HRIC):

The Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative (HRIC) is a non-profit organization that drives innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in Hampton Roads. By connecting businesses, academia, and government, HRIC aims to create a collaborative environment where ideas can flourish and opportunities can be seized.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Ryan, Executive Director, StartWheel, email or Alan Hagerman, email