By Tim Ryan

NORFOLK, VA – The digital era has brought forward another innovation as Magazine Jukebox takes the spotlight as a subscription service for businesses offering digital magazines. The Norfolk-based company has developed a groundbreaking platform that eliminates the need for an app, making it the first of its kind in the industry. Recently named “Top to Watch” by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, Magazine Jukebox has also been nominated as the #2 top tech in Norfolk by Tech Tribune.

Catering to businesses with stationary customers, such as waiting rooms, hotels, hospitals, doctor’s offices, salons, cafes, gyms, and more, Magazine Jukebox provides an extensive digital library accessible through a QR code. By simply scanning the code, customers can enjoy a wide range of magazines from a digital rack, at no cost.

The company’s user-friendly interface aims to revolutionize the waiting experience, offering endless entertainment and information to customers. The digital platform helps businesses reduce clutter and waste associated with print magazines, making it an eco-friendly alternative that promotes sustainability.

Founded in Norfolk, Virginia, Magazine Jukebox’s achievements have been recognized by the local community and tech enthusiasts alike. Its innovative approach to providing digital content garners attention as an effective way to improve customer satisfaction and engagement while promoting digital literacy and reducing environmental impact.

Magazine Jukebox’s subscription service is expected to change the face of waiting rooms, hospitals, and other stationary customer environments. With its recent accolades, this groundbreaking business is one to keep an eye on as it transforms the digital magazine landscape.

CEO and Co-Founder Scott Janney appeared on Episode 60 of the Fervent Four. You can watch it here or listen to it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Scott also appeared on Episode 98. You watch that episode here or listen it Apple Podcasts or Spotify.