By Tim Ryan

Locally headquartered, DroneUp, a leading drone delivery platform, and drone services provider, has announced its partnership with South Korea’s Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) to test DMI’s innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology. This collaboration aims to optimize a reliable and scalable system to advance DroneUp’s commercial drone operations across various industries.

DMI is renowned for designing and developing hydrogen fuel power systems for small Uncrewed Aerial Systems (sUAS). Their technology boasts a 3-to-1 energy density advantage over lithium battery-powered drones. This breakthrough increases drone flight time to 2-5 hours, depending on factors such as payload weight and weather conditions. Furthermore, the tested hydrogen fuel cell technology contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions to zero, with water as the sole byproduct.

John Vernon, CTO of DroneUp, emphasized the importance of exploring new technologies in the rapidly evolving drone industry. He expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, as it addresses both increased flight time and reduced carbon emissions, potentially revolutionizing the industry.

DMI, a subsidiary of Doosan Corporation, focuses on mobile applications of fuel cell technology, with a strong emphasis on UAV applications for reliable long-endurance flight, which aims to accelerate the growth of the UAV industry.

DroneUp is a drone flight services provider specializing in drone delivery and technology solutions. The company is dedicated to intelligent access to airspace, automation innovation, streamlined process management, operational efficiency, and safety.