By Tim Ryan

The Dominion Energy Innovation Center (DEIC) recently unveiled the ten climate tech-focused startups chosen for its 2023 DEIC Accelerate cohort. The program will run from June through October, marking the first time the program has expanded to include ten companies since its inception in 2023.

The selected startups will receive four months of mentorship and an opportunity to develop pilot programs with DEIC’s partner network, including Dominion Energy. The aim is to foster these startups in a way that continues to establish Virginia as a frontrunner in providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

Among the selected businesses, there’s a diverse range of innovative approaches to renewable energy and sustainability. ALD Technical Solutions is developing composite wrap technology for power lines and poles, while ChargerHelp! offers a nationwide EV charging operations and maintenance service using proprietary technology. Datch provides an AI-based platform that facilitates work management and improves data quality, and ElectroTempo’s software aids in EV charging and grid investments.

Independence Hydrogen, a Virginia-based company, is focusing on decentralized hydrogen production, storage, and delivery, and Infravision is automating powerline construction and maintenance with aerial robotic and software solutions. Somax Circular Solutions is working to generate clean energy from solid waste streams, while SparkCharge has developed a mobile EV charging system and network. Sparkfund is an energy solutions platform targeting customer adoption of advanced energy technologies, and lastly, Trova Commercial Vehicles is developing low-cost solutions for battery-electic commercial vehicles.

According to Mark Webb, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Dominion Energy, “New technologies are driving our energy future, and DEIC’s Accelerate program is a great platform for Dominion Energy to work with innovative startups that will help advance the future of clean, customer-centric energy.”

The 2023 Cohort Includes:

  • ALD Technical Solutions, which is developing a revolutionary composite wrap technology to improve the lifespan and performance of both power lines and poles.
  • ChargerHelp!, the first nationwide EV charging operations and maintenance service provider that uses proprietary technology to deliver Reliability-as-a-Service.
  • Datch, a technology platform that leverages AI and frontline workers’ natural communications to increase work management output, improve data quality, and interact directly with systems of record.
  • ElectroTempo, an Arlington, VA based company whose software helps future-proof EV charging and grid investments by providing detailed and rapid EV charging demand projections to enable optimization of both cost and utilization.
  • Independence Hydrogen, based in Ashburn, VA, is the first decentralized hydrogen production, storage, and delivery platform. Independence recycles vented H2 from industrial processes and upcycles it into fuel cell grade standard hydrogen.
  • Infravision, a firm originally launched in Australia to successfully increase grid capacity, automate powerline construction, and perform maintenance with aerial robotic and software solutions.
  • Somax Circular Solutions, which combines a novel hydrothermal carbonization technology to turn solid waste streams into hydrochar and biosolution. These products are then used to generate clean energy and improve anaerobic digestion outputs.
  • SparkCharge, the first company to create a mobile EV charging system and network, was founded to expedite EV adoption and accessibility for everyone. Its mobile Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions enable businesses that operate EV fleets and consumers to have energy delivered directly to their EVs, where and when they need a charge.
  • Sparkfund, an energy solutions platform that brings multiple services together to drive customer adoption of advanced energy technologies including EV infrastructure, efficiency improvements, and resiliency investments.
  • Trova Commercial Vehicles, based in Dublin, VA, is a supplier of innovative low-cost solutions for the industrialization and market acceptance of battery-electric commercial vehicles.