By Tim Ryan

ivWatch, LLC, a leading IV safety company, has announced its expansion into the United Kingdom, a key market with a strong focus on enhancing IV therapy outcomes. With a growing need to protect patients from unpredictable IV complications, ivWatch’s patient monitoring innovation aligns perfectly with the UK’s initiative to address IV extravasations. As the world’s only medical device capable of detecting infiltrations and extravasations at the earliest stages, ivWatch’s technology launch is opportune. With FDA clearance, the CE mark, and registration with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK, ivWatch is poised to significantly impact the region.

To support its expansion efforts, ivWatch has appointed Helen Stephens as the Vice President of Sales for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Helen brings with her a wealth of experience from her 30-year career, which includes bedside nursing and medical device sales at renowned companies such as Becton Dickinson, Vygon, Smiths Medical, and ICU Medical. Her expertise will be instrumental in driving growth in the EMEA region and other high-demand global markets. Reporting directly to President and CEO Gary Warren, Helen’s diverse background will strengthen ivWatch’s leadership team and pave the way for further expansion.

Gary Warren expressed his pride in bringing ivWatch’s innovation to a market deeply committed to improving healthcare and eliminating preventable injuries in IV therapy. By providing a product that supports clinicians in addressing this global problem, ivWatch aims to make a positive impact on both patients and healthcare professionals. Helen Stephens shared her enthusiasm for joining the ivWatch team and contributing to the advancement of infusion therapy through innovative products.

ivWatch’s continuous IV monitoring system, which detects infiltrations as small as 0.2mLs with 99% device sensitivity for 10mLs or less, will be showcased at the upcoming 11th NIVAS annual conference in London. Delegates will have the opportunity to experience the miniaturized biosensor firsthand and learn more about its capabilities. Product experts, clinicians, and executives will be present to provide live demonstrations and engage with attendees.

ivWatch’s expansion into the UK market and the appointment of Helen Stephens as Vice President of Sales for EMEA mark significant milestones for the company. With their innovative patient monitoring system, ivWatch aims to revolutionize IV therapy by providing early detection of infiltrations and extravasations. By leveraging optical sensor technology, ivWatch enhances patient safety and supports clinicians in delivering effective and reliable intravenous therapy. To learn more about ivWatch and their groundbreaking solutions, visit their website and explore their patient monitoring system for IV infiltrations and extravasations.