SVT Robotics, a disruptor in enterprise software for industrial robotics integration and deployment, announced the appointment of David Bates as the Vice President of Customer Success. Bates brings extensive experience in product-led growth, particularly in B2B and supply chain spaces. His primary role at SVT Robotics will involve streamlining the onboarding process for new users of the SOFTBOT® Platform and bolstering the growth of the platform’s user base.

The CEO and co-founder of SVT Robotics, A.K. Schultz, expressed excitement over Bates’s addition to the team. “David’s deep expertise aligns with our commitment to delivering high-standard customer care and a fulfilling user experience,” Schultz said. Bates’s contribution is expected to bring immense value to the rapidly growing user base of the SOFTBOT platform.

Prior to this appointment, Bates served as Vice President, Software, Controls and Integration Unit – Americas at Swisslog, a company specializing in robotic intralogistics solutions. His experience also includes a tenure as Chief Technology Officer at Perfect Commerce, a B2B sourcing, procurement, and billing software company.

Bates expressed his pleasure at joining SVT Robotics and his commitment to ensuring that the customer base continues to grow. “I have always ensured that teams, technology, and systems exceed customer expectations,” he said.

Bates holds a degree in computer science from the Virginia Military Institute and resides in Yorktown, Virginia.

SVT Robotics is known for revolutionizing robot deployments in warehousing and manufacturing industries. Their tech-agnostic, low-code SOFTBOT® Platform expedites the integration of robots, automation, or IoT technologies in just days or weeks. The platform’s AppDirectory offers a comprehensive guide to supply chain technologies, allowing users to explore use cases and qualify solutions for their unique business needs.