By Tim Ryan

In an era marked by escalating complexity, Old Dominion University (ODU) introduced a groundbreaking Systems Thinking course aimed at professionals spanning industries. Everyone, from business moguls to government officials, frequently grapples with faulty, perplexing, or underperforming systems. With the launch of this seminal course, ODU endeavors to radically shift the paradigm for diagnosing and addressing these systemic conundrums.

Systems are ubiquitous – from departments and organizations to projects, teams, and enterprises. The Systems Thinking course imparts an alternative framework to comprehend, interpret, and engage with these systems, especially when they present ‘wicked’ problems. The course offers its attendees hands-on training, with applicable examples, demonstrations, and practical tools to dissect ‘deep system’ failure modes effectively.

By participating in this seminar, learners will be empowered to unearth the obscured origins of disappointing system performance. Moreover, they will be armed with a robust conceptual toolkit to grapple with ‘difficult performance issues,’ mitigating the effects of system failures. Two seminar sessions will be conducted via Zoom on June 7 and July 18, 2023, from 6:30 to 7 p.m. each.

The program will provide a deep dive into systems thinking competence, including understanding its crucial role in maintaining system stability. Participants will learn why not everyone is inherently a systems thinker and how managers can bolster their workforce’s capacity for systems thinking, equipping them to navigate complex problems and turbulent environments effectively.

Dive into the world of Systems Thinking and elevate your professional skills. For further details on the course and registration process, please visit