REaKTOR announced the selection of their Executive Advisory Council (EAC). The formation of this Council marks a crucial milestone in our journey to become a best-in-class facility. The EAC is comprised of a stellar cast of innovators, leaders, and visionaries in their respective fields, who will provide critical guidance in shaping REaKTOR’s strategic vision.

The inaugural EAC members are:

**Karen Jackson** – As the President of Apogee Strategic Partners, Ms. Jackson offers a rich background in cyber security, autonomous systems, and smart community development. Her breadth of experience in technology and business will contribute significantly to REaKTOR’s strategic vision.

**Lynn Taylor** – The President and Chief Operations Officer at Zel Tech, Ms. Taylor brings her expertise in complex global challenges, public accounting, and corporate accounting to the table. Her wide-ranging experience will undoubtedly contribute to our strategic development.

**Dr. David E. Bowles** – Dr. Bowles, the Executive Director of the Virginia Institute for Spaceflight and Autonomy (VISA) at Old Dominion University, brings decades of experience in spaceflight and autonomy. His insights and expertise will play a key role in advancing our vision.

**David Lennarz** – As the President of Registrar Corp, Mr. Lennarz adds a unique perspective in regulatory compliance to our council. His global experience and understanding of FDA regulations will enhance our mission and vision.

**Steve Sanford** – The Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Psionic, Mr. Sanford brings over three decades of experience in engineering and advanced technologies to the EAC. His extensive experience in space technology and leadership in large engineering teams will prove invaluable.

**Rich Antcliff** – Dr. Antcliff, a Senior Consultant at BryceTech, brings a wealth of experience from his diverse roles at NASA and his expertise in analytics and engineering. His leadership and innovation will be instrumental in guiding REaKTOR’s strategic vision.

A senior representative from NASA will also be part of the council as a non-voting observer.

These esteemed individuals will guide and advise REaKTOR’s strategic vision, bolstering our ambition to become a best-in-class facility. Their diverse backgrounds and unparalleled expertise will ensure REaKTOR’s growth and successful navigation through the landscape of technological innovation.

“We are honored to have such an extraordinary team as our guiding light, and we are excited about the heights REaKTOR will reach under their counsel. Our future looks brighter with the wisdom, experience, and guidance of these remarkable leaders lighting the way.” said Tim Ryan, REaKTOR’s Director.

REaKTOR’s innovation center in Hampton, Virginia, is currently welcoming applications. This is an opportunity for those with a passion for technology and innovation to contribute to an environment that encourages forward-thinking and creative problem-solving. If you’re interested in being part of the ever-evolving technology landscape, consider applying to join REaKTOR.