VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (June 15, 2023) — Rubin, the leader in online resources for business communication skills, has launched Propel, an innovative etiquette tool for email writing.

Propel analyzes a person’s emails and provides instant feedback designed to improve professionalism and soft skills. Unlike popular writing tools like Grammarly, Propel looks for etiquette and professionalism fixes instead of grammar, spelling and verb tense.

Feedback from Propel includes:

  • How to write a short, concise subject line
  • How to provide a proper greeting
  • How to address the person with a formal title
  • And much more

Propel is intended for the classroom and the workplace. Early adopters include public school systems where administrators often lament that students write emails like casual text messages. The tool is available as a Gmail extension and Outlook add-on.

When a person drafts an email, Propel analyzes the text in real-time and provides a blinking “P” icon with etiquette recommendations. Once the person clicks the blinking “P,” the etiquette suggestions appear in the email message area as lightbulbs next to the problematic text. The user opens each lightbulb to find a suggestion as well as a chance to “Learn the Rule” with a deeper explanation.

Propel does not write for the person but rather encourages the person to understand why it’s appropriate to start an email with, for example, “Good morning” or consider addressing the recipient with a title like “Mr” or “Ms.”

In the image, Propel encourages the person to start email with a common greeting like “Good morning.”

“At Rubin, we have long heard the complaints from educators and business owners about poor etiquette in emails,” said Danny Rubin, founder of Rubin. “Propel is a direct solution to a widespread problem, and we hope Propel will catch etiquette mistakes before the person presses ‘Send.’”

Watch Propel in action below and request a free trial here!