By Tim Ryan

Luminoah, a Virginia-based healthcare startup, is revolutionizing tube-feeding technology, creating a significant impact in the medical community and attracting investors. Their innovative, portable feeding system was born out of the personal experience of founder Neal Piper, whose young son battled cancer and faced the challenges of traditional tube-feeding methods.

Piper recognized the issues surrounding standard tube-feeding devices, which were bulky, cumbersome, and lacked essential connectivity for data sharing with medical providers. Inspired by his son’s ordeal, he assembled a team of experts from various successful companies in spine care, diabetes care, and software development to create the first genuinely portable, connected tube feeding system.

757 Angels, among other investors, have recognized Luminoah’s potential and transformative influence in the healthcare sector. The company has raised $6 million in its series A funding round, spearheaded by Fry’s Path Capital and joined by Sands Capital, CAV Angels, Virginia Venture Partners, and 757 Angels. The capital infusion signifies investors’ faith in Luminoah’s ability to enhance the quality of life for patients reliant on tube-feeding.

The portable, discreet, and easy-to-use Luminoah device is designed to enable patients to lead a normal life despite their health challenges, unlike the conventional IV-pole bound infusion pumps. Piper highlighted that their system’s modern UI/UX design allows discretion and mobility while feeding.

Being a connected device, Luminoah’s tube-feeding system can also collect vital patient metrics, enabling remote healthcare providers to monitor patients as effectively as if they were in a hospital room. The company aims to make the device insurance-reimbursable and is utilizing the new funding to advance development, prepare for commercialization, and further expand their team.

Luminoah’s innovative solution is more than a convenience—it’s likely to contribute to better patient outcomes. The attention from investors like 757 Angels demonstrates that Luminoah is not just transforming tube feeding—they’re redefining patient care.