By Tim Ryan

1 Million Cups Virginia Beach is partnering with 757 Startup Studios to present a highly anticipated event at Assembly, Norfolk. On July 12th at 9 AM, they will be hosting an exciting guest speaker—Chris Heivly, widely known as “The Startup Whisperer” within entrepreneurial circles.

Chris Heivly is a consummate entrepreneur and investor with an exceptional 40-year journey, closely entwined with the highs and lows of startup culture. As a co-founder of MapQuest, which AOL later acquired for a whopping $1.2 billion, Heivly has been instrumental in the startup industry, proving his business acumen time and again. He now serves as the managing director of The Startup Factory, providing much-needed guidance and investment to promising startups.

Frequently invited as a public speaker, Heivly shares his profound knowledge and personal experiences with fledgling entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts alike. His inspirational TEDx talk in 2014 led him to author his first book, “Build the Fort: Why 5 Simple Lessons You Learned As a 10-Year-Old Can Set You Up for Startup Success”. The book embodies the wisdom Heivly has accrued over the years and highlights his unique perspective on nurturing startups.

This event will provide a fantastic opportunity for attendees to indulge in a stimulating discussion about ecosystem development and pick up invaluable lessons about startup success. With Heivly’s insights, every entrepreneur—whether a novice or an expert—will walk away with key takeaways that can potentially enhance their entrepreneurial journey.

As we anticipate a higher turnout for this unique event, we strongly recommend securing your place as soon as possible. Please RSVP and obtain your free ticket at the following link:

This promises to be an enlightening morning, and we look forward to welcoming you at Assembly in Norfolk. Grab your cup of coffee and prepare for a captivating discussion about entrepreneurship with none other than Chris Heivly, The Startup Whisperer.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity—reserve your seat today!