By Tim Ryan

Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) announced a major boost for Power Train Industries, Inc. with an Economic Development Investment Program (EDIP) grant worth $192,600, endorsing the company’s operational expansion.

Power Train, a renowned driveshaft manufacturer for diverse vehicles, has been a staple in Virginia Beach’s industrial landscape since 2012, operating from 2503 Squadron Court. The firm has now set plans to expand its 22,000-square-foot facility to a robust 100,000-square-foot manufacturing site at 464 Progress Lane to accommodate its growing business.

Project Manager Mia Ciasulli applauded the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development’s assistance. “We take pride in our partnership with the city, looking forward to fostering our manufacturing presence here,” she said.

The EDIP grant, a significant financial catalyst, will support Power Train’s relocation and expansion endeavors at the new site. Chris Montero, Operations Manager, expressed enthusiasm for the future, highlighting plans to capitalize on the city’s workforce development programs to draw and sustain leading local talent.

Chuck Rigney, Interim Director of the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development, commended Power Train’s consistent growth. “This grant and subsequent investment will undeniably reinforce our local manufacturing sector by maintaining a prominent facility in our city,” he noted. This collaboration underpins the community’s commitment to bolstering the Advanced Manufacturing sector while keeping a focus on nurturing homegrown talent.