By Tim Ryan

Innovate Hampton Roads is thrilled to share an exciting opportunity for new and emerging black-owned businesses in our community. Black BRAND, the Regional Black Chamber of Commerce for the Hampton Roads and Dan River Regions, has announced SURGE Community Business Academy’s informational sessions. This 12-week academy has been designed to foster growth and development among black-owned businesses by providing experiential courses and practical, hands-on learning.

In the SURGE academy, participants don’t just work on their businesses; they are also guided to think, plan, and launch strategies for maximum growth. It’s a chance to immerse oneself in an entrepreneurial environment that’s dedicated to fostering innovation and success among our community’s black-owned businesses.

These invaluable info sessions will be held at the Brooks Crossing Innovation and Opportunity Center in Newport News, Virginia, on August 8th and August 22nd, both at 6:00 pm. Interested individuals or businesses can attend by following this link.

Black BRAND, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, signifies Business Research Analytics Networking and Development. They have a commendable mission to promote group economics through professional development and community empowerment. As the Black Chamber of Commerce, they’re committed to transforming our local, regional, and national community through unity, education, access, opportunity, and development.

Their vision centers on assisting their members to create scalable businesses, employ qualified staff, and leverage cutting-edge technology. They aim to advance their partner’s missions by establishing valuable connections, anchoring our families and community in strong values, and allowing us to compete at a global level.

Black BRAND’s core values include winning, innovation, integrity, humility, and a deep-rooted sense of community. They are committed to creating a new narrative for our businesses and families, recognizing that no one cares for our people like we do!

We encourage all new and emerging black business owners to take advantage of these SURGE Academy info sessions. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, network, and give your business the surge it needs to flourish. Together, let’s contribute to the collective success of our local economy and make Hampton Roads a hub for thriving black-owned businesses.