By Tim Ryan

Based in Hampton Roads, Valor Cybersecurity stands as a beacon of bravery against the increasingly complex and evolving threats within the digital space. They’re well-known for simplifying intricate cybersecurity topics, helping businesses thrive securely, and, most recently, for their landmark 2023 Digital Risk Report for Leaders.

In this breakthrough report, Valor analyzes the current trends in cybersecurity and provides valuable recommendations for businesses navigating the digital landscape. The insights are gathered from in-depth conversations with more than 100 business executives, spotlighting the challenges they face and their needs in tackling these complex issues.

Some key takeaways from the report reveal the rise of new cybersecurity challenges with cloud computing adoption, the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, the technical debt mounting due to rapid AI deployment, and security concerns posed by widespread mobile device usage. The shift to remote work and the consequent expansion of the attack surface further underscore that cybersecurity is an ongoing commitment, not a one-time solution.

Valor Cybersecurity’s landmark report is more than just a document; it’s an empowering tool for businesses on their cybersecurity journey. As a leader within the Hampton Roads business community, Valor is not just about delivering strategies to combat cybersecurity threats. They’re about providing an understanding of the complexities within the cybersecurity landscape and empowering businesses to secure their most valuable assets.

For a deeper look into the minds behind Valor, earlier this year, Greg Tomchik from Valor Cybersecurity was a featured guest on episode 143 of the Fervent Four show. The insights and knowledge he shared in that session provide an invaluable perspective on cybersecurity. You can listen to the podcast here or watch it on YouTube.

The release of their 2023 Digital Risk Report for Leaders highlights Valor Cybersecurity’s commitment to local leadership and excellence within the field. Their strength lies not only in their cybersecurity expertise but also in their courageous approach to a fast-evolving digital world. Trust in Valor to provide the brave guidance your organization needs to face the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

Endnote: Experience the full benefits of Valor’s research and insights by reading the full 2023 Digital Risk Report for Leaders here. In the face of rising digital threats, let Valor Cybersecurity lead your defense, providing the courage necessary to meet tomorrow’s challenges head-on.