By Tim Ryan

From downtown Norfolk, VA, emerges a visionary digital platform that’s transforming how we experience entertainment in waiting areas, hotels, cafes, and beyond. Meet reTHINK Jukebox, the innovative brand formerly known as Magazine Jukebox.

For those unfamiliar, Magazine Jukebox pioneered the art of no-app, no-download entertainment. With just a quick scan of a QR code on a mobile device, customers were granted complimentary access to a rich variety of magazines. This ingenious solution was designed for places with stationary clientele: be it salons, gyms, hospitals, or cafes, reading material was instantly available without the need for any downloads.

But why the name change? As the times evolve, so does Magazine Jukebox. They recognized that the demand for digital entertainment stretches beyond just magazines. As reTHINK Jukebox, they are poised to offer a broader spectrum of digital delights. Think about engrossing games that make waiting times fly by, trivia that ignites a spark of competition, and many more exciting features slated for future release.

What’s even more thrilling is reTHINK’s introduction of a free platform available for unlimited use by anyone and everyone. While this platform will be limited in its offerings, there are options to upgrade and delve deeper into the realm of digital diversions. The philosophy remains rooted in simplicity: still no apps, still no downloads. Just pure, effortless entertainment at your fingertips.

So, next time you’re waiting for a latte at your favorite cafe or killing time in a hotel lobby, keep an eye out for the reTHINK Jukebox QR code. A world of digital entertainment awaits, ready to make every idle moment a delightful escape. Join in on this next chapter of entertainment evolution and reTHINK the way you wait!

Want to learn more about Magazine Jukebox and Scott Janney, Scott appeared on episodes 98 and 160 of the Fervent Four Show.