By Tim Ryan

Have a business idea in the technology or manufacturing sector and residing in Virginia? Startup Virginia invites you to transform your dreams into reality through the Idea Factory. This 7-week hybrid program empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to test, validate, and improve their business concepts.

The Idea Factory aims to (1) guide future founders through the complex process of testing, refining, and validating ideas, (2) render resources and education for those eyeing entrepreneurship, and (3) fortify our region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by fostering a more diverse and equitable founder community. All of this at no cost!

If you have an innovative idea and the ambition to explore entrepreneurship, you’re eligible! The Idea Factory is designed to provide the training, resources, and support needed to evaluate your business idea.

Expect to dedicate 10 hours per week for seven weeks, including 2 in-person and 4 virtual workshops. Weekly mentor check-ins and a readiness to discuss your idea are also essential. The best part? It’s free!

You don’t need business experience, a specific educational background, or to quit your day job. All you need is an idea and a desire to take the first step. Apply here by September 7th for the Fall session, commencing October 2.

Embrace the entrepreneur in you. With Startup Virginia’s Idea Factory, your business concept is only a click away from becoming a potential success story!