By Tim Ryan

In the thriving innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Hampton Roads, Virginia, ivWatch stands as a shining example of how technology can be used to save lives and enhance the quality of healthcare. Founded with a mission to provide clinicians with state-of-the-art technology for the early detection of peripheral IV (PIV) infiltrations and extravasations, ivWatch has been consistently improving the standards of vascular therapy.

The company recently announced a significant leap in its international footprint. Through a multi-year, exclusive partnership with Healthcare 21 Group (HC21), a leading medical device distributor in Europe, ivWatch is expanding its technology offerings in the UK and Ireland. This expansion showcases ivWatch’s commitment to patient safety on a global scale and marks an important milestone in its journey.

ivWatch and HC21 are united in their vision to positively impact clinician practice and patient outcomes. The collaboration aims to disrupt conventional IV therapy procedures, promoting exponentially higher levels of patient safety. HC21’s sales and clinical teams, with their profound knowledge of the infusion therapy space, make them an ideal partner for ivWatch’s mission.

Gary Warren, ivWatch President, and CEO, highlighted that the UK market is particularly aware of the lurking dangers of IV extravasation and is committed to setting new standards to prevent severe infiltration and extravasation.

ivWatch is not just setting new market trends but also engaging in robust clinical research. Early results from a study at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust are promising, proving the device’s sensitivity and specificity. It has already helped prevent at least 15 serious injuries, showcasing its efficacy in patient safety and cost savings for healthcare systems.

The company is also gearing up to present at two preeminent UK conferences this fall, where they will discuss how continuous monitoring for IV extravasations should be mandatory, ending the “culture of silence” surrounding IV safety.

Coming from Hampton Roads, ivWatch is a testament to the spirit of innovation and healthcare improvement deeply ingrained in this Virginia region. Their focus on patient safety, groundbreaking technology, and strategic global partnerships exemplify the best of what Hampton Roads offers to the world.

To learn more about ivWatch’s innovative patient monitoring systems, visit their website.

This expansion marks another feather in the cap for Hampton Roads-based ivWatch, showcasing the area’s capability to foster companies that create jobs and make significant contributions to global healthcare solutions.