By Tim Ryan

Start Peninsula is the nexus of innovation and success in Hampton Roads.

The entrepreneurial pulse of Hampton Roads beats stronger than ever, thanks to initiatives like Start Peninsula. As the region’s longest-running business and pitch competition, Start Peninsula has been nurturing and validating business ideas for early-stage companies and founders since 2012. The organization is gearing up for its third of four Micro Pitch Competitions for 2023. History has shown that Start Peninsula serves as the launching pad for the next wave of successful businesses in Hampton Roads.

Why Start Peninsula Matters

Start Peninsula’s impact is far-reaching. Companies that originated from its pitch events have collectively raised over $25 million in funding. Names like Instant Teams, Busky Cider, Answers Now, Member Stack, Occasion Genius, and Pocket Properties started as mere ideas at Start Peninsula and have become success stories in their respective fields. The platform serves as a testament to Hampton Roads’s innovative potential and entrepreneurial prowess.

Micro Pitch 3: Where Tomorrow’s Successes Are Born

On Wednesday, September 13th, at 6:00 pm on Zoom, Start Peninsula will spotlight 10 innovative businesses vying for not just seed funding but also the opportunity to become the region’s next big success. The top three pitchers will advance to the Championship Pitch event on November 8th, where they’ll have the chance to win $5,000 and other valuable prizes. You can register to watch the action for free here.

Featured Pitchers

  • Adult Tumbling 757: Rekindling the inner child in working-class adults.
  • ChangeGrower: A fintech app targeting financial habits, inspired by Noom’s approach to dieting.
  • Collaboration Software: Assisting human services agencies in helping those below the poverty line find employment.
  • Ellipticraft: A watercraft offering both exercise and the joy of being on water.
  • Hands over Hearts for Life: Comprehensive health and wellness education for life.
  • Hampton Roads Greenbook: Highlighting Black, Veteran, and Minority-owned businesses in Hampton Roads.
  • Stewards: Building a network of individual and community memberships.
  • StewTech: Designing and manufacturing high-performance personal electric vehicles.
  • Tusi: Creating multi-sensory devices for cognitive assessments.
  • Vino Visa: Connecting wine enthusiasts and wineries under one platform.

Get Involved: Your Idea Could be Next!

If you’re an entrepreneur or have a startup idea brewing, don’t miss the chance to pitch at Micro Pitch 4, scheduled for October 11th. Applications are open, and you can apply here.

2023 Triumphs

Let’s not forget the previous winners who have made their mark:

Micro Pitch 1 Winners: AdvisorFinder, Game On!, InfraSGA
Micro Pitch 2 Winners: KeepUp, The B.O.B.O. Collective, FreeLife, LLC

The top three pitchers from each of the four Mocro Pitch events will move on to the Championship Pitch event on November 8th, where they stand a chance to win $5,000 in seed funding and other valuable prizes.

Concluding Thoughts

Start Peninsula stands as the cornerstone for future entrepreneurship in Hampton Roads. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an investor, or someone interested in the startup ecosystem, the upcoming Micro Pitch 3 event is the perfect opportunity to witness the future unfold—one pitch at a time.