By Tim Ryan

Start Peninsula continues to be the onramp of entrepreneurship in the Hampton Roads area. The most recent Micro Pitch event, held on September 13th, showcased a new set of finalists who are leading the way in innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. This event further solidifies Start Peninsula’s role as a launchpad for groundbreaking ideas and future success stories.

Meet the Finalists

Ellipticraft: Offering a refreshing twist on traditional fitness routines, Ellipticraft is revolutionizing watercraft. Combining the benefits of elliptical exercise with the joy of being on the water, the company provides a unique and innovative approach to physical and mental well-being.

StewTech: StewTech is paving the way in the personal electric vehicle (PEV) market. Designing and manufacturing performance scooters and accessories for various PEVs, the company aims to offer a comprehensive solution for green and efficient travel.

Vino Visa: For all the wine enthusiasts out there, Vino Visa connects users to wineries through a user-friendly app. The platform allows for the rating of wines, the collection of badges, and easy communication between wineries and customers. Through this app, wineries can update their offerings and promote specials, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Rewarding Innovation

Each finalist from Micro Pitch 3 received a $500 prize and an invitation to the Championship Pitch event scheduled for November 8th. Here, they will vie for a $5,000 prize to aid in business growth and gain free access to valuable local resources.

What’s Next?

Early-stage businesses have another chance to shine with the next Micro Pitch competition on October 11th. Applications are open, and the platform is set for the next group of groundbreaking ideas to come to life. Don’t miss this chance to participate in the year’s fourth and final Micro Pitch event. Applications are being accepted here.

A Special Thanks to the Judges

The esteemed panel for Micro Pitch 3 included Hunter Walsh, Director of 757 Startup Studios; Marty Kaszubowski from the Virginia Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program (ICAP); and William McPheat, also from ICAP. Their insights and expertise greatly contributed to the selection of the deserving finalists.

Community Support

Start Peninsula 2023 is hosted by York County and is a collaborative effort involving the Cities of Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, and Poquoson, as well as James City County. This initiative has been fostering entrepreneurial spirit across different Peninsula localities since 2012.

For more information about Start Peninsula and how to participate in this exciting initiative, please visit their official website or check out their FAQ page.

As Start Peninsula rolls into its next event, the excitement is palpable. Entrepreneurs in Hampton Roads have a platform to turn their ideas into realities, and the future looks brighter than ever.