By Tim Ryan

KleerCard, a trailblazing financial software company rooted in Hampton Roads, Virginia, announced its collaboration with Amazon Business. This partnership seamlessly integrates KleerCard’s state-of-the-art technology with Amazon Business, the B2B store renowned for its vast selection of products and the signature Amazon delivery experience.

Adam Alphin, CEO at KleerCard, expressed his enthusiasm, “Teaming up with Amazon Business allows us to offer a pragmatic solution that eases financial management for our numerous business and nonprofit clients. Our integration enhances the Amazon Business experience by automatically attaching PDF invoices and providing detailed line item data, eliminating organizations’ challenges in reconciling their myriad purchases.” Notably, Adam Alphin, the founder of KleerCard, appeared on episode 86 of the Fervent Four show, further discussing the company’s vision and innovations. Watch the episode here.

Emily McEldowney, Finance Director at The Zero Collective, shared her experience, “Our organization juggled one Amazon Business account with over 15 users across eight teams. KleerCard’s feature to auto-match Amazon Business receipts with our credit card charges is a game-changer, freeing our team to concentrate on our core mission without the paperwork hassle.”

Born from the hustle of Hampton Roads’ entrepreneurial spirit, KleerCard understands the challenges of growing businesses. With a rich history of building diverse enterprises, from real estate to retail, the team behind KleerCard crafted this solution to grant business leaders the control they’ve longed for. Their mission is to support passionate entrepreneurs and business owners, offering innovative solutions that digitize expenses, protect online transactions, and provide both physical and virtual cards, all accessible via a user-friendly app or desktop browser.

KleerCard’s vision is deeply rooted in community. They believe in the success of the businesses they serve, emphasizing that their triumph is shared. This partnership with Amazon Business is a testament to their commitment to simplifying financial operations, enhancing transparency, and optimizing financial workflows for businesses everywhere.

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About KleerCard: Hailing from Hampton Roads, VA, KleerCard is a progressive financial software firm dedicated to streamlining financial processes for businesses and nonprofits. Their innovative expense management, bill pay, and reimbursement solutions empower organizations to refine transactions and boost financial efficiency.