By Tim Ryan

Exciting news came our way yesterday, Governor Glenn Youngkin announced $3.7 million in Growth and Opportunity for Virginia (GO Virginia) grant awards. Two of those projects are located here in Hampton Roads, with a combined grant of over $140,000.

Flying High with the Hampton Roads Regional Aviation, Aerospace, and Unmanned Systems Assessment. This initiative received a $100,000 grant.
Where? Cities of Hampton, Newport News, and Norfolk (Region 5)
The Hampton Roads Alliance is teaming up with some big names: the Norfolk Airport Authority, Peninsula Airport Commission, and the Virginia Institute for Spaceflight and Autonomy. Their mission? To comprehensively assess our region’s aviation, aerospace, and unmanned systems industry. They’ll be taking a close look at where we stand now and where we could be in the future. The goal? To ensure we’re ready and raring to meet industry demands.

Diving Deep into Life Sciences with Life Science Virginia. They received a $40,000 grant.
Where? Henrico County and the city of Virginia Beach (Regions 4 and 5)
What’s Happening? LifeNet Health is on a mission to ignite a passion for the life science field among our students. They’re rolling out a pilot initiative that will introduce students to the wonders of life science. By collaborating with industry leaders, they aim to craft engaging classroom and laboratory studies and open new career exploration avenues for our young minds.

A complete list of awards can be viewed here.

Governor Youngkin was all praises for these initiatives, emphasizing how such investments are “actively shaping the future of our workforce.” He envisions Virginia as a beacon for innovation and opportunity, with Hampton Roads at the forefront.

These grants are more than just funds; they’re a testament to the potential of Hampton Roads as an innovation powerhouse in Virginia.