By Tim Ryan

Something truly groundbreaking happened right here in our region. ivWatch, the local IV safety company, recently made waves at the Association for Vascular Access annual conference with their stunning gallery exhibit, “Pain Should Not Be Silenced.”

Let’s get real—medical jargon often masks the human realities of healthcare. However, this exhibit steps away from the clinical vernacular to showcase the often-hidden stories of severe IV extravasation injuries, particularly in NICU settings. With an urgent call for change amid the current nursing staffing crisis, ivWatch aims to raise awareness about the genuine pain and life-long challenges these injuries can inflict.

A Lifesaving Technology with a Dark Side

One of the featured stories is of an anonymous baby boy, born at just 27 weeks and weighing over 700 grams. He needed a lifesaving infusion shortly after birth, which, tragically, resulted in a painful infiltration, rendering the treatment mostly ineffective. Stories like these highlight the importance of improving the current monitoring systems for IV therapy.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

This emotionally gripping exhibit was made possible in partnership with a renowned sports photographer who, as a NICU baby, endured an IV extravasation himself. The exhibit not only captures the physical struggles these newborns face but also underscores the mental and emotional battles they’ll fight for the rest of their lives.

Erin Wendell, the Chief Marketing Officer at ivWatch, put it best: “Our gallery is a reminder that these patients, their parents, and their clinicians need a voice raised to end the culture of silence in which these injuries are often minimized, ignored, or even misdiagnosed.”

Beyond the Exhibit: Technology for Change

But ivWatch isn’t stopping at awareness; they’re offering solutions, too! The company showcased its groundbreaking IV patient monitoring technology, the only FDA-cleared and CE-marked device to detect IV extravasations. Using multi-spectral light and predictive algorithms, this smart technology has been proven to reduce infiltration rates and improve patient outcomes significantly.

So, here’s a shoutout to ivWatch for using the power of storytelling through art and technology to ignite a crucial dialogue. This is more than just a gallery or a device; it’s a revolution in healthcare, bringing hope and real change to the little lives that need it the most.