By Tim Ryan

The pulse of innovation isn’t just about groundbreaking ideas but also how we equip the bright minds of tomorrow to carry the torch of change. Enter the Virginia Peninsula Workforce CTE Forum – the epicenter where education meets real-world workforce needs.

The Virginia Peninsula is bustling with potential, and it’s high time our high school prodigies discover the myriad of career paths ahead of them. The Forum promises a deep dive into Virginia’s *High Quality, Work-Based Learning (HQWBL)* initiative. What’s on the cards? A magnified lens on fostering symbiotic partnerships: schools and colleges shaking hands with businesses, charting the roadmap for a brighter future.

What’s the cherry on top? Delve into specialized breakout sessions catering to dynamic clusters such as *Energy/Technology Innovation* and *Business Technology*. And, the pièce de résistance – a distinguished panel from businesses, nonprofits, and workforce development- is set to pull back the curtain on their apprenticeships, externships, internships, and job-shadowing journeys.

Free entry, you say? Absolutely! But here’s the catch – seats are filling up at lightning speed. So, if innovation, learning, and community drive you, this is your pit stop. Don’t miss out!

For the full scoop and a visual vibe, check out the flyer!