By Tim Ryan

In a move that promises to enhance the safety of intravenous treatments across many federal healthcare agencies, ivWatch, LLC, a pioneer in IV safety solutions, has announced a significant distribution agreement with Marathon Medical Corp. This strategic alignment with Marathon Medical, a service-disabled veteran-owned small business renowned for its extensive medical product distribution, marks a pivotal step forward in the availability of advanced IV monitoring technology.

Under the newly forged multi-year partnership, the ivWatch monitoring system will become more accessible to VA hospitals, Indian Health Service hospitals and clinics, and other Federal entities in the United States. The integration of ivWatch products into Marathon’s Federal Supply Schedule and GSA contracts stands to substantially elevate the products’ visibility and streamline access to this critical technology to improve IV therapy.

ivWatch’s technology is grounded in over two decades of research and is backed by more than 30 clinical studies. Their devices utilize a combination of predictive algorithms and multi-spectral light to detect fluid leakage from veins at its earliest stage, preventing potential severe medical consequences. The partnership also encompasses collaborative efforts towards clinical vascular access education, facility product evaluations, and implementation support – a testament to their commitment to not only deliver cutting-edge technology but also ensure it integrates seamlessly into existing medical workflows.

Gary Warren, the passionate president and CEO of ivWatch, brings a personal commitment to this partnership. As a former NASA federal employee with a family deeply ingrained in military service, including three sons who have served in the Navy, Warren sees this partnership as a reflection of shared patient safety values and a culture of empathy and selflessness.

Marathon Medical, led by Vietnam-era veteran John St. Leger since its inception in 2002, mirrors ivWatch’s dedication to patient care, honoring their service by supporting various veteran organizations. Their collaboration with ivWatch is a shared mission to bring safer IV treatment to veterans, federal employees, and Native American communities.

As ivWatch and Marathon Medical unite in their quest to confront the silent epidemic of IV infiltration and extravasation, the healthcare landscape for federal patients is set to be transformed. For healthcare providers and patients interested in learning more about the technology that could redefine IV therapy’s safety standards, visit ivWatch’s technology overview.

Together, ivWatch and Marathon Medical are not only changing the narrative of patient safety but are also weaving their own stories of innovation and dedication into the larger fabric of healthcare. Stay tuned for this partnership’s impact on IV therapy outcomes and frontline clinical practices.