By Tim Ryan

In an age where digital threats loom large over individual and organizational well-being, a refreshing voice emerges from Hampton Roads. Greg Tomchick, a local entrepreneur and CEO of Valor Cybersecurity, has been navigating these waters with finesse and charting a new course in cyber vigilance. His recent feature as a contributing writer for Inc Magazine is a personal accolade and a testament to the innovative spirit permeating our region.

The article “4 Steps to Implement Mindful Cybersecurity in Your Organization” is a beacon for companies navigating the choppy waters of digital threats, largely propelled by human error. Tomchick’s insights are a treasure trove for any organization seeking to fortify its defenses by harmonizing cybersecurity protocols with the human element.

As Innovate Hampton Roads, we recognize Greg’s embodiment of the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship we cherish. His achievement elevates Hampton Roads’ profile as a hub of thought leadership in cybersecurity. The principles of mindful cybersecurity that Greg elucidates are not just strategies but a clarion call for a cultural shift towards enhanced digital well-being.

His holistic approach goes beyond the technical aspects, delving into the profound impact of mental well-being on cybersecurity readiness. By fostering mindfulness, organizations can significantly diminish the chances of human error—a leading cause of digital breaches.

The four pillars that Greg introduces are groundbreaking:
1. Cybersecurity Awareness with Mindfulness: Training intertwining cybersecurity acumen with stress management ensures a focused and judicious workforce.
2. Regular Mindfulness Practices: Promoting mental exercises like meditation bolsters concentration and reduces error-prone stress.
3. Work-Leisure Separation: Advocating for a balance that curtails burnout and fosters a security-conscious mindset.
4. Mindful Evaluation of Technologies: A nuanced approach to new tech, balancing innovation with security.

Valor Cybersecurity’s ethos, as championed by Greg, is a beacon for other local businesses to emulate. His wisdom, now shared on a global platform like Inc Magazine, not only reinforces the significance of his expertise but also casts a spotlight on the potential within Hampton Roads to lead in innovative cybersecurity solutions.

We celebrate Greg Tomchick’s achievements and his role as an industry expert from our region. His vision for mindful cybersecurity is a set of practices and a mindset shift that promises a more secure digital future for all. Here’s to Greg’s continued success and Hampton Roads for fostering such exceptional talent within the region.